Serve in the Parish

St. Michael’s offers rich and rewarding opportunities to serve God in the church. Download our 2016 Parish Ministry Guide to learn more about our service offerings, and about our programs.

View the Guide here. 


Our Friends group is made up of dozens of volunteers who help prepare food and serve at receptions in our Parish Hall for the families of those among us have passed away. Friends is divided into teams which rotate through the year.

If your loved one has died, your first contact will be Jean Olson, our parish secretary. She will inform a member of our clergy, who will meet with you to discuss arrangements and make contact with Friends should you and your family request a reception.

Altar Guild

The St. Michael’s Altar Guild, the ministry of the Lord’s table, serves as an integral ministry for our parish.

Altar Guild members are responsible for everything placed on the Altar and Credence Table. Members prepare the bread, wine, and wafers before each service, then carefully clean the accoutrements and put them safely away.

Guilds that are a part of the Altar Guild but have their own organizational structure are the Flower Guild, Flower Delivery Guild, Wedding Guild and Funeral Guild.

Funeral Guild

The Funeral Guild assists families before and during the funeral service. Serving on the Funeral Guild is an opportunity for true ministry to the grieving.

Wedding Guild

The Wedding Guild acts at the pleasure of the rector to serve wedding parties during rehearsals, and before and during the wedding service itself. We do not allow wedding planners to assist with weddings in the church. Wedding Guild volunteers serve in teams on rotation and share in one of the happiest days in a family's life.

Flower Guild

Members of the Flower Guild select and arrange altar flowers for services. The Flower Guild does not provide arrangements for weddings or funerals. While floral experience is not a requirement, it is very helpful, as is knowledge of liturgical seasons. Members serve in rotation under the direction of a monthly chair.

Flower Delivery Guild

Volunteers remove altar flowers and rearrange them in small quantities, delivering them to members who are home bound, in the hospital, or who have had a recent birth or death in the family. This ministry offers opportunity for direct contact with parishioners at important times in their lives.


Our acolyte teams are an integral part of Sunday worship and offer children and teens the opportunity to experience worship by working with clergy close at hand. Children in 4th through 12th grades serve at age-appropriate levels, as torch bearers, jr. and sr. crucifers, Gospel bearers and flag bearers. Depending on the position, they also assist with Holy Communion. 

Chalice Bearers

Teams of chalice bearers are trained to serve Holy Communion to the congregation. High School juniors and seniors, and adults are eligible to be chalice bearers. They are trained by the associate rector.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers deliver the elements to the homebound. They are trained by the associate rector. This ministry offers opportunity for involvement with parishioners at difficult times in their lives, when taking communion is important but not logistically possible.


Our ushers serve as the first greeters on Sunday mornings, and at other times during special services. They assist members of the congregation with finding seating, particularly at services with high attendance.

Sunday School Leaders

With more than 200 children attending Sunday School each week, our Children's Ministry always needs volunteers. Lead a class, serve as storyteller in our children's chapels, greet newcomers as a Red Apron volunteer or distribute snacks. No job is unimportant when teaching young children about the love of God.


Our front-desk receptionist serve an important role in the daily life of St. Michael's. They greet visitors, answer phones, and often support the staff with various projects throughout the week. Morning and afternoon shifts.