Holy Michael Foundation

The Holy Michael Foundation is a non-profit corporation which exists for the sole purpose of supporting the ministry and mission of St. Michael’s. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors, including the Rector, with the majority of its members being directly appointed by the Vestry.


The Omega File

Established in part with a bequest from the estate of the late Robert S. Slaughter, a St. Michael’s parishioner, the Foundation has as its initial goal to accumulate sufficient capital to create a stream of investment income for the long-term benefit of the parish. When the Foundation’s assets reach $1 million, the board may begin distributing grants of not more than 4.5 percent of the average annual balance of its assets in any given year. Grants may be used for improvements of the Church’s physical assets or for special programs, initiatives and ministries of the parish. To learn more about the Holy Michael Foundation, contact Charlotte Griffin, Director of Development

The Holy Michael Foundation has created a document called The Omega File to help you with planning your memorial service and to provide information to family members about where your important documents are kept. Download The Omega File here.

Holy Michael Foundation Board

Will Rideout, President
Pansy Morton, Vice President
Audrey Black, Secretary
Kip Meadows, Treasurer

Members: Amanda Carson, Harold Hall, the Rev. Samuel Gregory Jones, Tommy Malone and Garland Radford