Annual Fund


Thank you to all who pledge to St. Michael’s.
You are important stewards of the life and mission of our church!

Pledges to the Annual Fund support the operating budget of St. Michael’s, funding our worship, Christian education, outreach and mission, building and grounds, staff and other programs. The Annual Fund is critical to the life of St. Michael’s. St. Michael’s maintains a balanced budget each year, with every dollar put to wise use invested in the people, place and prayerful plans of St. Michael’s.

Annual Fund 2019 Chairs: Scott & Michele Murphy

Not sure about pledging? Two parishioner share why they do, year after year.

Thanksgiving & Generosity — Annual Fund 2019

Thank God for This Gift
Sometimes, getting my family into the pew by 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings feels like I’m running a marathon. Yet, the moment I slip into the pew, my heartbeat slows. It is worth the race just to sit in this place. 

During the service, a million tiny moments capture why I love St. Michael’s so much.

The sunlight streaming through the stained-glass windows; the notes of a familiar hymn; the parishioner who secretly slips my son a piece of chocolate candy; the friend who reaches across the pew to give me a giant hug; the peace I feel listening to the Prayers of the People; the sound of my daughter’s voice as she recites the Nicene Creed from memory; the sermon’s powerful message; my husband teaching the same powerful message to a gaggle of five-year-olds in Sunday School.

St. Michael’s the place, St. Michael’s the people, St. Michael’s the faith, is generous to me in more ways than I can count. St. Michael’s fills my heart and strengthens my relationship with God daily. I receive more from St. Michael’s than I can give. St. Michael’s is the epitome of generosity to me, and my family and I thank God for His gift.

— Robin Kennedy



What is St. Michael’s budget?

St. Michael’s has a 2018 operating budget of approximately $1.7 million, more than 90 percent of which comes exclusively from your pledge dollars.

How are my pledge dollars used?

Your pledges fund our programs, outreach, operations, communications, worship and music, building and grounds maintenance, utility expenses and personnel expenses for our clergy and staff.

How can I pledge?

During the Annual Fund campaign, pledge cards are mailed to each St. Michael’s household.  You can complete a pledge card and return it to the church on Pledge Sunday or by mail, pledge online here, or contact our Financial Administrator, Susan Little or Director of Development Charlotte Griffin to pledge.  Pledges are accepted throughout the year, and all pledges are confidential.

How much should I pledge?

First and foremost, pledging is a spiritual endeavor. You are returning a portion of the gifts God has given you for the work of his kingdom. We encourage you to spend time in prayer asking for guidance. Our average pledge for 2018 was close to $3,000.

Does my pledge make a difference?

Yes, each and every pledge helps us reach our goal.

Can we use funds from the endowment for our operating expenses? 

No, the bylaws of the Holy Michael Foundation prohibit its funds being used for St. Michael’s operating expenses.

When do I pledge?

In order for the Vestry to prepare the 2019 budget, we appreciate receiving pledges as soon as possible, by Pledge Sunday, Oct. 28, or soon thereafter. 

How do I pledge?

  • Give and pledge online through our secure, confidential portal.

  • Complete a pledge card and mail to St. Michael’s or place in an offering plate.

  • Use St. Michael’s direct debit option.

  • Send a confidential email to Susan Little, financial administrator, or contact Charlotte Griffin, director of development, to receive a pledge card.