Support Our Belize Mission

Our mission to Belize the week after Easter is set, and our team is in place. This month, you can support their efforts by donating supplies for the mission and for Holy Cross Anglican School. The team needs a variety of school supplies and up to 14 inexpensive laptops for student use. Bring your purchases and supplies and place them in the red bin in the Parish Hall. If you plan to donate a laptop, please bring it to the Mission Coffeehouse on Saturday, March 24, or to the front desk on Sunday, March 25 and leave with a team member.

Supplies for sewing center
zippers: 16 and 18 in length, gray only
thread: dark gray, cotton or polyester
fabric: 1 yard pieces for making handbags, 
any color or pattern, heavy weight 

Thank you for supporting our ongoing mission for the children of Holy Cross Anglican School!