Great Organ

16 Violone
8 Principal
8 Flute Harmonique
8 Bourdon
8 Violone
4 Octave
4 Nachthorn
2-2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
1-3/5 Seventeenth
IV-V Fourniture
8 Tuba Mirabilis (separate enclosure)
8 Festival Trumpet (located with Antiphonal)
8 Tromba (CHOIR)
8 Trumpet (SWELL)

Pedal Organ

32 Violone
32 Contra Bourdon
16 Open Wood
16 Principal
16 Subbass
16 Violone (GREAT)
16 Lieblich (SWELL)
16 Gemshorn (CHOIR)
16 Antiphonal Gedeckt (ANTIPHONAL)
8 Octave
8 Grosse Bourdon
8 Violone (GREAT)
8 Chimney Flute (SWELL)
8 Gemshorn (CHOIR)
4 Choral Bass
4 Bourdon
32 Ophicleide (CHOIR)
16 Trombone (CHOIR)
16 Double Trumpet (SWELL)
8 Tuba Mirabilis
8 Festival Trumpet
8 Tromba (CHOIR)
8 Trumpet (SWELL)
4 Tromba (CHOIR) 
4 Clarion (SWELL)

Swell Organ

16 Lieblich
8 Open Diapason
8 Salicional
8 Voix Celeste
8 Chimney Flute
8 Flauto Dolce (ANTIPHONAL)
8 Flute Celeste (ANTIPHONAL)
4 Principal
4 Flute Octaviante
2-2/3 Nasard
2 Octavin
1-3/5 Tierce
II Plein Jeu
III Petit Plein Jeu
16 Double Trumpet
8 Trompette Harmonique
8 Trumpet
8 Hautbois
8 Vox Humana
4 Clarion
8 Tuba Mirabilis
8 Festival Trumpet

Antiphonal Organ

8 Principal
8 Gedeckt
8 Flauto Dolce
8 Flute Celeste
4 Octave
8 Muted Trumpet

Choir Organ

16 Gemshorn
8 Geigen Diapason
8 Gedeckt
8 Gemshorn
8 Gemshorn Celeste GG
4 Principal
4 Koppelflote
2 Flautino
IV Mixture
8 Clarinet
8 Muted Trumpet (ANTIPHONAL)
8 Tuba Mirabilis
8 Festival Trumpet
16 Trombone
8 Tromba
4 Tromba Clarion


8 Great to Pedal
8 Swell to Pedal
4 Swell to Pedal
8 Choir to Pedal
4 Choir to Pedal
8 Antiphonal to Pedal
16 Swell to Great
8 Swell to Great
4 Swell to Great
16 Choir to Great
8 Choir to Great
4 Choir to Great
8 Antiphonal to Great
8 Choir to Swell
8 Antiphonal to Swell
16 Swell to Choir
8 Swell to Choir
4 Swell to Choir
8 Great to Choir
8 Antiphonal to Choir


Three manual and pedal A.G.O. console. Case of oak. Interior of bees wing eucalyptus. Lighted music rack. Adjustable bench. Manual natural keys of polished bone and sharps of rosewood. Rosewood pedal sharps. Stop and intramanual coupler control by drawknobs of rosewood with bone discs inset for engraving. Intermanual coupler control by tilting tablets of bone. Thumb pistons of rosewood with bone caps for engraving (round style). Curved and double cut keycheeks, E.M. Skinner style. Solid-state combination action with 100 memories. 

14 General pistons and toe pistons
7 Swell pistons
7 Great pistons
7 Choir pistons
5 Antiphonal pistons
5 Pedal pistons and toe pistons
General Cancel piston
Great to Pedal reversible piston and toe piston
Swell to Pedal reversible piston and toe piston
Choir to Pedal reversible piston and toe piston
Antiphonal to Pedal reversible piston and toe piston
Swell to Great reversible piston and toe piston
Choir to Great reversible piston and toe piston
Antiphonal to Great reversible piston
Swell to Choir reversible piston
Great to Choir reversible piston
Antiphonal to Choir reversible piston

32' Contra Bourdon reversible toe piston
32' Violone reversible toe piston
32' Ophicleide reversible toe piston
Cymbelstern reversible piston and toe piston
All Swells to Swell reversible piston with light
Tutti I reversible piston and toe piston with light
Tutti II reversible piston and toe piston with light
Setter piston
Swell expression shoe
Choir expression shoe
Tuba expression shoe
Antiphonal expression shoe
Crescendo shoe with indicator
ICS Control Panel
MIDI Sequencer

About the Organbuilder

Nichols & Simpson, Inc., Organbuilders, was incorporated in the State of Arkansas on August 17, 1983, to provide professional organbuilding, rebuilding and maintenance expertise to clients in Arkansas and its surrounding states. In the intervening years, the geographical scope of the company’s business has grown to a national scale, with instruments in Iowa, Michigan, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, and now, North Carolina. The founding partners of this company, Joe Nichols and Wayne Simpson, are still involved in every aspect of every instrument that is built.

Nichols & Simpson operates in its own building in Little Rock, an 8,000-square-foot structure which houses the company’s workshop and offices. In addition to Mr. Nichols and Mr. Simpson, the firm employs seven other workers: three woodworkers, two pipe organ maintenance and repair technicians, an assistant voicer and an office manager. The company’s relatively small size is considered an asset that allows sharply focused attention to each instrument. With the installation of a state-of-the-art computer-aided drawing and design (CADD) system and a core of carefully cultivated subcontractors and employees, no job has proven to be too large or too small for Nichols & Simpson.

It is Nichols & Simpson’s conviction that no organ, within its own particular setting, is ever exactly like any other organ. Nichols & Simpson considers no instrument it builds to be complete until each and every pipe has been carefully "finished" tonally in the room in which it will play.

The company has garnered a wide-spread reputation for pipe organs of meticulously careful design, seamless tonal integrity and painstaking attention to the finished sound of each pipe within the instrument. This reputation is due in large part to the many musicians and music-lovers who have been so generous with praise for the company’s work.