Every year, Lent is a season of spiritual renewal and a deepening of Christian discipleship in the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Our Lent program this year, Journey to Jerusalem, is a parish-wide invitation to journey with Jesus as he walks to his passion, cross in Jerusalem and the miracle of his resurrection. 

I invite all our parishioner to make for themselves a "Lent Rule of Life" composed of spiritual practices based on the Ash Wednesday Exhortation on pp.264-265 of the Book of Common Prayer (see the downloadable Rule of Life Card below). I also invite everyone to participate in our special Lent Programs.

If we walk with our Lord, and if we enter with prayer and devotion into the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection, our faith will certainly be renewed, our discipleship strengthened, and our mission increased. Jesus, our soul's friend, is walking towards Jerusalem. Let us go with him!

The Rev. Robert Fruehwirth, Associate Rector.

The Lent Program briefly...

Sunday Forums, Journey to Jersusalem: March 5-April 9, following the 9:30 service in the parish hall.

Lent Dinner and Discussion: Tuesday nights March 7-April 11, 6-7:30pm. Sign up and pre-pay at lobby desk.

Friday Devotion: Silence and a meditation on Jesus' Passion: 11:45-12:15, Chapel.

Download a card describing the entire Lent Program here