Welcome to St Michael's. We are a vibrant congregation in the city of Raleigh. We welcome you.


St. Michael's Episcopal Church
1520 Canterbury Road
Raleigh, NC

Phone 919.782.0731
Fax 919.782.5085

Canterbury Shop
Phone ext. 119


The Rev. Greg Jones

ext. 117 •  919.559.2004 (c)

The Rev. Holly Gloff
Associate Rector

ext. 127 • 919.612.7228 (c)

The Rev. Robert Fruehwirth
Associate Rector

ext. 105 • 919-475.0082 (c)


Mandy Annunziata
Director, Parish Day School

Stella Attaway
Director of Christian Education

ext. 106

Ann Garey
Publications Editor

ext. 103

Lee Hayden
Director of Operations & Newcomer Ministry

ext. 108

Kevin S. Kerstetter
Director of Music

ext. 107

Susan Little
Financial Administrator

ext. 113

Jean Olson
Parish Secretary

ext. 112

Susan Rountree
Director of Communications

ext. 122

Abby Van Noppen
Director of Youth Ministry

Facilities Staff

Carolyn L'Italien
Assistant to Children's Ministries & Operations

Jesus Epigmenio, Groundskeeper
Marcela de la Cruz, Housekeeper