The Canterbury Shop

The Canterbury Shop is the only in-parish gift shop in the Raleigh area.

Shop Hours

Monday- Friday | 10am – 1pm
Sundays | 8:45am – 9:30am & 10:30am – noon

The Canterbury Shop is the place to find gifts for every occasion. Located in the lobby of the St. Michael’s Parish House, this volunteer-staffed gift shop has been donating its proceeds to St. Michael's Mission and Outreach efforts since 1990, each year raising thousands of dollars for organizations in our community. Customers can find a unique collection of items in the shop, including prayer books, greeting cards, baby clothing and accessories, and home decor for birthdays and other special occasions.

Complimentary gift wrap is provided with purchases. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards.

We welcome shoppers from other churches as well as the community. If you are interested in joining the Canterbury Shop Team, contact the shop.